Harrock Hill

Wednesday 25th August 2010

A total of 169 runners turned out for this the last in the series. The start was delayed due to the amount of extra ‘entries on the night’ turning up. There were quite a few from our Club namely (off memory & in no particular order) Tony Hesketh, Petes’ Bland & Ramsdale, Doug Fleming, Pauls’ Muller & Boardman, Brendan Bolland, Emma Perrin & Suzanne Budgett (sorry if I’ve missed you off – its an age related memory thing and you’ll be there one day!). We picked up mens team prize plus several vets prizes which consisted of the usual excellent array of fruit & veg. Not too sure of all finishing positions as no results to hand but can confirm that Emma Perrin took some catching & held her position with a great uphill sprint finish.