Fielden Cup

Wednesday 18th August

Neil Pendlebury and Gordon Stone were the only 2 runners who bothered to turn up for our most prestigious intra club race of the year. Pete Ramsdale and Ali Murray both turned up to help with the organisation but decided to run so we ran the race with 4 runners and 7 marshalls, thanks to Pete Kevan, James Kevan and Aga, Simon Parkinson and his wife and Carl Balshaw for helping.

The Fielden Cup dates back to 1890 and Horwich runners have been competing since that date to have their names engraved on it. I have personally organised it for 18 years and this is the biggest snub that I have ever encountered, sometimes I wonder why I bother.

Anyway – thanks to everybody who did turn up, and thanks to everybody who took the trouble to let me know they were unavailable to run.

Well done to Gordon who ran really well to win for the second time in succession.


Position Name Handicap Clock Time actual Time
1 Gordon Stone 00.00 14.08 14.08
2 Pete Ramsdale 00.00 14.12 14.12
3 Ali Murray 02.35 14.12 11.37
4 Neil Pendlebury 03.15 14.30 11.15

Pete Bland