Jubilee Help Needed and Information

This years Jubilee Race series is due to start next wednesday the 19th May and there have been a couple of changes made to the race series this year.

Marshal Request

The Jubilee Road Races needs the support of the clubs members in order that we can properly marshal and manage the series, and we sttill need the help from anyone who is able to support the club and the race series on one or more of the wednesday nights.

1. Registration staff are need prior to the race to man the registration desk to admin the race and hand out numbers.  If  you can spare just an hour from 6:3pm0 to 7:30pm then this would be a great help for us.

2. Marshals and finish funnel people are always needed to provide a safe race for all of the runners and spectators, if you can spare a couple of hours from around 7pm then please contact us to let us know you will be volunteering.

As well as our thanks and gratitude, all marshals and volunteers will also get free refreshments.

Please contact – Carl Balshaw on 07530 758186 – carl.balshaw@rivington.biz and also see the website at http://www.thejubileeroadraces.co.uk.

New and Updated Race Information

Firstly the series is only three races long and the August race has been dropped – the races willbe run on the 19th May, 16th June and the 21st July.

Secondly the race HQ has been moved from the Bowling club to the Rivington Parish Hall, a hundred yards up the road on the other side; this is the same location as the Duathon is usually HQ’d from. 

Thirdly, the start and finish points have been moved to give improved space at the end.  The start is now further down closer to the embankment, and the finish is also further down the lane and ends at a small car park, which gives more room at the finish point for the finish funnel.  With the start and race HQ both moving, more time is needed to get from one to another, so any runners, please allow plenty of time to collect your number and get to the start line.

Finally, we have been kindly sponsored by both Sweatshop and Summit Physio, and both will be present at the race; Sweatshop will be setting up a stall, and Summit will have physio’s available at the Race HQ during the race.  There will also be refreshments available throughout.

The Jubilee Race Series has a dediated website that will hold all of this information, and more, and can be seen at http://www.thejubileeroadraces.co.uk.