Coiners Fell Race

The Second English Junior Championship race was held at Coiners Fell in Mytholmroyd.

New to the series Esme Critchley entered the U8’s this was her first Fell race and finished 4th girl, a future RMI champion in the making.

Next up Lauren Fairhurst in the U10’s and granddaughter of Tony Hesketh had a tough race but persevered and came home as 16th girl.

In the U12’s race a big field of over 40 runners were out to claim their points in this series. First to the summit for the team once again was Phoebe Howe just behind was Nathan Townsend closely followed by the reinvented Cameron Critchley who was being chased by Will Townsend. It appears size matters coming down as Nathan was once again first RMI down being 3rd boy closely followed by Phoebe again 3rd girl and Cameron down as 7th boy, even better Will Townsend came in12th, 5 places better than last week, well done Will.

The U14’s outing consisted of Joseph Howe and Jonathan Powis. Joseph going 2 better than last week and being very pleased with his own performance came in 10th boy. Jonathan having just moved up to this age group held on for a brilliant 19th place, his best Fell to date.

Last but not least could Zac Howe put in just as strong performance as last weeks. A strong finish earned him 9th boy home in what was extremely muddy under foot high up the Fell.


Coiners 2010