Winter training camp 2 – Spain Girona 1st-18th Feb

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on how things are going in the triathlon world. Training has been going extremely well out here, with more focus on race type skills and linking the 3 disciplines together.

We have been doing lots of practice in chain gangs, cornering and desending ; apart from nearly taking the coach out at the start of the week I seem to be picking things up much better! The weather has been too cold to practice open water swimming but we have had all the lanes taken out of the pool to replicate mass group swimming and swimming around buoys-its a bit like cross country where its every man for themselves, elbows out and fight your way through!!

I have now experienced brick sessions where I have been doing run sessions straight of the bike and also got back into some decent track sessions- although I must admit I do miss running with the Horwich group on a wet and cold Tuesday night in a strange way!

Anyway hope everyone is training well and racing hard! My first race is this Saturday at Milton Keynes, a fairly low key duathlon to get the ball rolling!

Hope to see you all soon