Pennine Bridleway Leg 1 – A Firsthand Report

Leg 1
The leg started really on Saturday night at 10.30pm when a text from my running partner Barry informed me of a road closure from Burnley on the road to the end of leg 1 – where I was heading early tomorrow to leave my car for the journey back home after the race.
Out came the maps, sat nav and other bits and pieces to see the best way. With that decided it off to bed ready for early start tomorrow.
Up at 10 to 6 and its been snowing! About 2 inches in Blackrod and its still falling. So packed the car and off I go. Texting Barry at points on my route, when stopped, I find out that Warrington had had, or was having up to 6 inches of snow. Anyway after a detour or two, much asking of early local dog walkers I got to the end of leg 1, parked up and picked Barry up by just before 8am. So its now back around the road works and down to the start for 8.30am. Well it took ages and as we parked up (8.24¬¬), ran to have our kit checked (8.27), toilet (8.28), ran across the car park (8.29) and joined the back of the runners to hear, “Right then off you go”. (Gordon Stone you would have been proud of the no time wasted standing around).
The first mile on the roads Barry and I spent overtaking groups to find our racing position. Then with climbs and climbs and no much down hill, we battled through a cold wind but it was a glorious morning. We both enjoyed the experience and thanks to Tony for the chance to run for Horwich in this prestigious event.
Our time of 1hour 20minutes and position 66th was disappointing as we had hoped for about 1.15 but it gave Doug and Gary something to chase over the next leg.
Well done to the A team for their efforts and a well deserved 1st place and to the ladies team, especially Emma and Geraldine who ran the end of their leg 1 with us as we slowed down. It was a pleasure.
Peter Ramsdale/Barry Allman
Leg 1 team