Boulesworth Prediction Race

In an effort to make use of my reliably slow pace I went to this new prediction race from Wycoller Country Park near Colne. Thankfully it was clear, otherwise navigation would have been a real problem with an early 3 mile section of the 8 mile (1500ft climb) course over wet featureless heather moor. Pathless, lacking even the faintest trods and occasionally very rough, I was reduced to walking even on some flat sections – the Winter Hill race is much easier navigation and runnable in comparison. The second half of the race from the terrific Lad Law summit was a more normal long fast grassy descent and then farmland paths back to the finish. Fastest time of the day was 1.10.16; winner of the prediction race was within 5 SECONDS of their pre-start guess with 3 others within 12 seconds (How the . . .?) I came in much later at 28th out of 32 around 8 minutes faster than my guess which put me halfway in the prediction results.

They may run the race in some form again next year – one to look out for if you like it ‘off-piste’.

Colin Waterworth