Medicine & Chernobyl Belarus 10k Race. Parbold 27th September

Paul & Emma Make it a Double First.

Outright wins for Emma Perrin (42.41) and Paul Boardman (37.57) in this charity race, which I think is Paul’s first outright win – not sure about Emma, who is just coming back from a longish lay off and the win will certainly help training motivation, well done to you both. Plus as a bonus Paul’s son Sam also won the junior race outright!

Other good runs came from local duo Andy Gorman who ran 42.38 for 14th place and Pete Bland (44.42) who was looking for the first 0/60, unfortunately Pete Gibson from Red Rose was there who ran 43.20. Lawrence Pinnell was our only other runner who clocked 49.17 for 42nd place.