Jubilee Series – Race No 3. Wed 15th July.

Gareth Booth got his pace judgement right and cruised to victory with a very well timed surge on the last lap. His time of 26.33 was just 5 seconds off his PB for the course, which he ran just a year ago when winning the series outright. Colin Rigby ran a very strong race for a well deserved third place in 26.50, and again leading in the vet field, taking first 0/40 and showing that his current short race program is working fine. Alastair Murray gave excellent team back up with a super run in 5th clocking 27.22, which just left Steve Nolan to make up the winning team in 7th and a time of 27.51. Steve also collected the first 0/45. Well done lads. We also collected the first 0/60 prize with Pete Bland, even though he was taking the race easy carrying a niggle. But we can’t deny Barry Allman (chief rival ) his one second victory over Blandy. Well done Barry.

The ladies fielded seven runners on the night, well done ladies, with a fourth team place as reward, Chris Boardman being the first counter in 35.56. Next was a lady I don’t know, Rita Chesters 36.02 and I didn’t catch her on camera? Clare Hughes ran well for 39.40 to make up the team.

We had 19 runners on the night, full results below


Jubilee July