June Caption Winner. No.5

Well done to Gaynor Higson & Co for submitting the winning caption for June. Free track for a month Gaynor, but you will have to get rid of that injury to take advantage of it! Sods law.

I will try to find a less taxing caption for the next one to create a little more banter.

Thanks to my adjudicator’s for the selection

1. Which part of “Let’s Go” didn’t you understand?

2. I told you to go to the loo before we set off!

3. Come on soft lad, you youngsters have no stamina!

4. Which way did you say to the Calderdale Way?

5. We could be on for the cock up of the year award if we don’t see the Pike soon!

6. Chase me – Chase me!

7. James Kevan ” Sh-t, we’ve been rumbled, leg it”.

8. James Logue – Did you see the size of that dog?
James Kevan – What do you mean see it, he’s still after us!!

9. “New directory enquiries service for fellrunners falls a couple of digits short!”

10. James Kevan says – ” Did you know that James the 1st of England was born in 1566 on the 19th June and became King of Scotland when he was just 13 months old succeeding his mother Mary Queen of Scots”
James Logue says – ” What “

11. For god sake James K, I’ve told you this is my bum bag!”

12. James Logue is saying ‘Look lively James, Norm and his camera are here.
Fancy not parking in his usual spot, sneaky devil.’