Skiddaw Fell Race. Sunday, July 5th 2009 ~ 9m/2700’

At first it looked like there were only three old men (Colin Jones, Albert, & Mr V) & one old bird (Suzanne) turning out for this Lakeland jaunt. Then gradually other Horwichers appeared – Brent Brindle & daughter Lindsey, Peter Leighton, & Mark Sammon. Hats off to Mark Sammon who never seems to pitch up at the easier races but rather seems to dive straight in at the steepest end and just gets on with the race in hand, always completing them admirably. Well done to Mark. Lindsey Brindle once again showing Brent the way home picking up a well earned prize for third lady with Suzanne picking up first V40 prize. Peter Leighton was next home having a fine run behind Brent & surviving the descent blister free. Colin Jones, last seen on the race scene in 1808, prepared well for this event with zero training. Donned in his odd socks & Horwich vest he called upon his natural talent to make the 2700’ of climb, 9 miles & steep descent. He even managed to talk ‘race’ afterwards over cake & coffee – amazing!! Tony Varley just missed out on a prize coming second V60.