Tour X/C Race – Friday 19th June. Overall Positions.

The number of runners was down to 65 in this the fourth race of the series, but competition was just as fierce as leaders in the all the age groups gave it their all to improve their positions in the series. Steve Nolan still leads the vets – and is second overall. Paul Boardman lies in third place in the vets, with Ian Hamer still going strong and staying clear of injury in fifth. Tony Hesketh has now taken a commanding lead in the 0/60 age group, with Ian Smith having no opposition in the 0/55 group. Albert Sunter stays inside the top ten vets, lying 9th in the toughest age group the 0/45’s, with Tony Varley in third place in the 0/60’s. This just leaves our other two non vets Glyn Kay, well placed in 5th overall, and Kevin Newhall sticking in there in 15th.

In the ladies race we still have mother and daughter Michele and Abigail Sunter going strong, with Michele now taking the lead as the first 0/45.

Keep it going folks just one more to go.

Loads of photo’s from Carl Balshaw at: