May Caption Ompetition

Thank you to everyone who submitted captions, the list below again gives credit to the diversity of interpretation of a caption photo. But for shear inventiveness on the theme, the winner this month is a junior, Martha Gill, who has to be given credit not only for her caption but also for her computer skills, well done Martha.

PS. Thanks also to Barry who has promised to take all caption comments in the spirit in which they were intended.


Guy Bending –Phew that guy must have had a curry last night.

Barry saying – – That will teach him to call my orange socks.

So No. 332 says to No. 105
“Call yourself a fell runner! You’ll have to toughen up. That Bazza’s like that with everybody”

Don’t try and pass him mate. He will kick you in the B…..k’s as well.

Runner 332 looking back says to the runner with hands on knees
” come on son, don’t take it so bad he once beat me as well”

That’s it! I’m retiring now. I’ve had enough. I’ve just been passed by that Bazza fella

Barry says to himself: And if anyone else thinks they’re coming in first
I’ll have them too!!

“Barry found that his “If you can’t beat them, punch them in the guts” strategy was working quite well

Barrie saying I am going to have to stop eating the vindaloos the night before I race.

“Come on lads, you’ll be surprised where this comes out”

“Barry, not everyone can hack one of Norman’s sessions”

Little Girl:- “Don’t give up dad, mum’s watching”

“All these people behind me and no Pete Bland in sight, Norman will be impressed”

“I’m winning”

“Stop worrying about dropping 5p for goodness sake”

Now, if I can just catch Pete Bland and do the same to him

Don’t worry mate I’ll get the number of the guy with the red vest – I saw what he did and he won’t get away with it!

Barry’s cunning plan to lay pound coins along the course was working a treat.