North West Civil Service Fell Championship Again At Two Lads.

For the third consecutive year, the Two Lads Fell Race has been chosen as the North West Civil Service Fell Championship. To be eligible you don’t need to be a civil servant but you do need to be a member of the Civil Service Sports Club – this is open to both Government Employees and those who work for companies that used to be the part of the Civil Service such as British Telecom and The Post Office and anyone who works on a Government account for a private company. Over the past few years, two club members have regularly competed in NWSC championships – Gordon Stone and Angela Allen but Gordon is sure there must be more who may be eligible.

After registering for the race in The Bridge, there will be a separate registration table for NWCS Champs entrants manned by John Kewley. For any further info in advance, go to the Civil Service Athletics website at or contact Gordon who will assist you.

Gordon Stone