Duddon Fell Races 30th May

Long race:18 miles / 6000ft; Short race 11 miles / 3000ft climb

A race to which a few of the Harriers have ventured over the years, although only two turned out this time on a clear sunny day in the Lakes. Stuart Edmondson came 2nd in the short race in a time of 1:45:48 – within a minute of the winning time so it must have been close over the last couple of miles. I endured the hell that was the long race, with thoughts only of finishing on a day that was much too hot and still for my liking. I achieved that in 5 hours 12 minutes, 183rd out of 208 finishers, which counts as a fair re result for me on long race, could have been a lot better if I hadn’t been reduced to walking much of the last few miles of relatively flat ridge running.

Colin Waterworth