Chester Half Marathon

One for a Half …..

I was the only Horwich runner in the Shell Chester Half Marathon, a great challenging course. This year they where using chips but it was the gun time that counted so making sure I was near the front was the plan.
My training this year has been very inconsistent so didn’t know what I could do, knew the distance wouldn’t be a problem and so decided to run at 7 min pace 90% 150 ish bpm. The first few miles are downhill (the last few miles are the reverse).
Miles one, two and three went according to my plan I hit the 3 mile marker at 20.42 not feeling too bad – I had hidden behind a BIG guy on the windy stretches.
Then while deep in thought about my race plan I tripped over my own shoe and fell really heavily (on flat smooth tarmac !) picking myself up I flew down the road overtaking everybody who had gone past me hitting the 5 mile marker in 35.03, pain almost gone by then, not the blood! lots of photo’s and nice comments from the crowd … by the way I really think those shoes work. Focused on my stride length and heart rate, averaging 150, so pleased with the effort. The course loops around up to the 8 mile mark (56 12) then starts a long climb back to the start. At 10 miles I was 71.44 but I was tiring now and the adrenaline effect from the fall was beginning to wear off, crossing the line in 1 hr 36 mins 10 sec’s, very pleased. Straight off to the first aid tent to get cleaned up, then it rained . WOW did it rain, what a shame for the 2 hour plus people! I finished 254 out of 2100, roll on next year.