Three Peaks Takes Its Toll

Nine hardy Harriers set off on this gruelling 24m/4500ft race but only three made the finish. Once again this arduous race shows that it is not to be underestimated and runners have to be totally free of niggles and fully prepared to endure an effort in excess of a road marathon. The one advantage that a marathon has over the Peaks is that the regular drink stations can help considerably in reducing the effects of dehydration and glycogen depletion, not so in the Peaks with drink stations just in the valley bottoms. The day was warm at low level with a chilly wind on the tops but its easy to miss out on consuming enough on such a fine day, with cramps and depletion setting in as runners approached Ingleborough.

However, Lindsey Squires overcame all the obstacles and on her first 3 Peaks race did great completing the course in 4.23.53 for 277th overall and 19th lady. Good support from Dad, at Hill Inn with food and drink and lots of encouragement saw her finish tired but very happy. Ian Hepburn was our second counter running 4.33.03 for 343rd place, Ian also looked pretty tired at Hill Inn but got his head down and pushed on up Inglebourgh, well done. Our only other finisher was Tony Varley who stuck in there to the end clocking 5.41.45 for 611th place.

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