Grizedale 10 trail – 29th march

The first day of spring greeted us all with a beautiful, virtually cloud free, perfect for running spring day. Lovely bright sun, cool temperature and fantastic scenery. It seemed to make all that miserable winter training seem somehow worthwhile. The surface underfoot was perfect for road shoes with not an ounce of mud anywhere on the route. A bit of wrong start cost the leading field probably 30 seconds or so and caused a bit of mayhem when we all turned round to be greeted head on by the latter field. All good fun! Out of a field of 230 runners, five Horwicher’s participated. Denis Mason (60.32) finished in a fine 5th overall followed next by Karl Ward (62.01) in 12th. Both expressed being pleased with their runs & enjoying the route. In 25th place was Suzanne Budgett (65.05) and 50th place, Gaynor Higson (71.28). Fifth Harrier was Keith Makin, 123rd (83.07). Definitely worth a try this one. Comparable to a longer Roddlesworth Roller for those who’ve ever tried that one but with a far smoother surface, picturesque scenery and longer undulations.

Thanks to Debs Townsend for the photos. Love the cheeky comment! (Sorry Denis, Gaynor & Keith, missed you!)

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