Col First Brit in Torremolinos Half.

Torremolinos Half Marathon 1st Feb 2009

I entered this race firstly for a bit of a short holiday and secondly as something to aim for now after turning 40. I later found out that a party of 16 other runners were going on the same flight, some from Lostock, Wesham, Accrington and various other clubs.

I was expecting some nice warm weather racing, how wrong I was. Saturday was fine with some nice sun to have (A) beer, in honesty Norm! Then a walk round and nice meal to finish the day off. However when we arose Sunday it was torrential rain and wind, just how I like it NOT. On top of that I nearly missed the start, got boxed in and to add insult to injury I forgot to start my watch. The course is twisty and hilly at first, then runs along the sea front for about 10k, then goes back up the hills into town.
Not my best race but finished 18th and 3rd vet in 1.16.58, which won me 50 euro a trophy. Not bad for an old man.

However the party that night was one not to be missed. We got home around 1am somehow with some great stories to tell but I’ve been sworn to secrecy, sorry folks.

I would like to thank everyone in the party for making my mother and me very welcome and involving us in all they did. Special thanks goes to Dave Pearson from Lostock for looking after us and taking a lot of pressure off my shoulders.


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