Salford Ladies 5 (accurately measured 5.25 miles) 30th Nov. 08

For me, this is one of those nostalgic races that I’ve done over far too many years to reveal. It’s one of the few ladies only races that seems to have survived the years of new rules & regulations – health & safety etc.. Well organised, excellent prizes and a good chance to catch up with some of my old cronies from my early running days.
A freezing day in the minus temperature, possibly even colder than yesterdays cross country. A little icy underfoot in places made for some cautious footsteps. It was good to see Sue Lever, the only other Horwicher – back out racing again. Between the two of us we faired pretty well and both finished well inside the top 10. We were both pleased with our runs and picked up prizes for our efforts. In fact the top 10 finishers contained 6 vets of which 5 were 40+! Although not a P.B. course, it’s certainly one I would recommend our ladies try next year.