Three Shires Race – 12m/4000ft 20th Sept

It was doubtful at one point if this years Three Shires 25th year anniversary race would go ahead, the persistent heavy rain in the lakes had made the usual parking fields unusable. The Juniors races were already cancelled but Selwyn (Organiser) managed to arrange for last minute parking at Hodge Close Quarry (20 min walk away) so that the seniors race could go ahead.

As the parking was so far away the start time was delayed to allow the competitors to get from the quarry to the start. Then it was delayed again because of the queue for registration. But finally with a field of around 330 entrants, just after 11:45, the race started.

This year we had 8 entrants, Darren Kay was well placed in second until he decided to go walkabouts, then – has the photo shows – saw the funny side of it.

35th Darren Kay 2:19:41
80th Brian Walton 2:31:10
115th Albert Sunter 2:38:14
165th Geraldine Walkington 2:48:26
175th Peter Walkington 2:49:31
255th Rachel Metcalfe 3:09:07
272nd Susan Budgett 3:17.20
311th Tony Varley 3:46:17

Well Done to all!

Mark Sammon (photos too)