Sunday Run – 11th December 2011 – 14km Trail

Sunday Run – 11th December 2011

Rivington, Lead Mines and the Pike 14km Trail

Sundays run is going to start from the Lower Barn, the run follows the reservoir around and the back past the war memorial and the old lead mines, and then over Anglezark towards Holdens Stumps before climbing up towards the Pidgeon Tower, and a quick visit to the Pike and then dowqn and along behind the school towards the Barn and back to the cars

Two easy clims – trail shoes may be a good idea, but the route is ok for road shoes – future runs for a sunday are likely to be getting more offroad and so now would be a good time to get trail shoes for anyone who hasn’t got some already.

Meet up is Lower Rivington Barn for a 9am start.

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Anyone running then pls drop me a txt so we know who is coming (07530 758186)