Horwich RMI Harriers & Athletic Club

Constitutional Rules 1981

As Amended 1983/1984/1985/1993/1999/2004/2006


The club shall be called "Horwich R.M.I. Harriers and Athletic Club. The object of the club shall be to encourage and promote athletics generally for the further development of the sport, and to abide by the laws of UK Athletics.


British Rail Staff Association Club, Chorley New Road Horwich.

The official address of the club for correspondence shall be the address of the club secretary.


VEST: Red with two black stripes apexed to the word "HORWICH' on the front and rear.


(Members of the club when competing should endeavour to wear club colours).


The Management of the club shall be vested in a committee consisting of:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • General Secretary
  • Membership Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Press & Publicity Officer
  • Head Senior Coach
  • Head Junior Coach
  • Track Manager
  • Plus two other committee members

(Any club member may attend a committee meeting but will not be allowed to vote).

All to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Election will be by show of hands or if the chairman deems necessary, a ballot will be held.

At all meetings of the committee SEVEN shall form a quorum.

The overall control of the club shall be vested in the committee; the committee shall have sole control over the management of the income and expenditure of the club.

The committee shall have the power to:

  1. Call an A.G.M. within eleven months of the end of club's financial year.
  2. Call an E.G.M. as necessary.
  3. Fill any vacancy that may arise in the committee.
  4. Appoint sub committees to deal with any specific matter under discussion.
  5. Deal with any disciplinary matters brought to their attention.
  6. Arrange an annual audit of the club's accounts.
  7. Create Club Championships and Competitions
  8. Expel any member, whose subscription is six months in arrears, providing a month's notice is given in writing.

Also in general make decisions on any matter pertaining to the club.

The club endeavours to offer equal opportunities to athletes of all abilities, gender and ethnic background.


  1. Any person shall be eligible to apply for membership of the club, so long as that person is an amateur as defined by UK Athletics, an application for membership must be signed by the applicant. The acceptance of a member to the club shall be by the committee at their discretion. No person shall become a member of the club unless and until accepted by the committee. The committee shall not be required to give any reason of non acceptance of an applicant. All members of the club shall be provided with a card or certificate of membership, signed by the secretary which will be proof of acceptance to the club. All applications for membership shall be passed to the Secretary. All such applications must be made on the standard club application form.
  2. Membership of the club shall be taken as conclusive proof of assent to the rules and procedures of the club and as laid down by the UK Athletics.
  3. The subscription to the club shall be an amount having been agreed at the A.G.M.; no increase to the subscription can be made without a majority vote at the A.G.M.
  4. Every person upon being admitted a member of the club shall thereby be deemed to agree to abide by the rules of the club and UK Athletics. In the event of any breach of a rule by a member he may be subjected to the exercise of disciplinary powers as provided hereunder.
    1. The committee may suspend or expel from membership of the club any member who in the opinion of the committee fails to abide by the rules of the club or those of UK Athletics or by their actions brings the club into disrepute.
    2. Before any decision is reached by the committee to suspend or expel any member from the club, the member shall be entitled to be heard in person by the committee and shall prior to such a hearing be given notice in writing of the grounds of complaint against them. At least 14 days notice of this hearing must be given by the committee to the member.
    3. In all circumstances a member who has been expelled from the club has the right of appeal to the AAA of England (or UKA) but shall remain suspended pending such appeal.
    4. It will be the duty of the committee to advise UK Athletics of any such expulsion.
  5. Any member of the club may resign by giving notice in writing to the Secretary. Any such application will be presented to the committee for their decision. If the said application is not received prior to the 1st of January the resigning member will be eligible for a further year's subscription. Approval by the committee to any such application would however be dependent on the said member terminating their membership with no outstanding debts or monies owing to the club. On termination of membership the resigning member shall thereupon cease to have any claim upon the club and its assets.
  6. There will be the following classes of membership within the club.
    • Seniors - Open to all athletes aged 18 years and over, on the date of the A.G.M.
    • Seniors - Unwaged / Overseas / Non -Competitor.
    • Juniors - Open to all athletes under 18 years of age on the date of the A.G.M.
    • Family Membership - Living at the same address.
    Junior members will not be entitled to vote at any A.G.M or E.G.M.


At their first meeting each year the executive committee shall elect from amongst their own membership five representatives who shall form a policy committee. The chairman of the committee may refer to the policy committee for consideration or decision on behalf of the committee matters, which do not in their opinion warrant the calling of the full committee. The Policy Committee shall act by majority vote, the chairman having the casting vote. The members of the policy committee shall retire immediately after their successors have been elected in the following year, if they have not been re-elected.

The policy committee will consist of:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • General Secretary
  • Press Officer
  • Administrator


The financial year of the club shall terminate on the 31st August each year. The committee shall from time to time appoint a qualified professional auditor of the club who shall act for such a period as the committee determines. The accounts of the club covering the preceding financial year shall be compiled by the Treasurer of the club and an audited copy of the income and expenditure account together with the balance sheet shall be submitted annually to the committee and the members of the club prior to the A.G.M for their acceptance.


A proposal for any alteration to this constitution may be made by notice in writing by any member of the club to the secretary for consideration at the A.G.M. giving at least 28 days notice. The terms of such proposed changes shall be notified in writing to all members of the club prior to the A.G.M. Alternatively the committee in the normal course of their meetings may initiate proposed alterations to the constitution giving notice of such proposed changes in writing to all members at least 28 days prior to the A.G.M.

In either case if at least two thirds of those present at the A.G.M. after fully discussing the proposal vote for the change to be implemented the constitution shall be so changed. Only those members with a current membership shall be eligible for such voting. No other system of alteration of the constitution will be valid.


The Committee shall have the power to co-opt to any committee meeting any person whether a member or not, who it is considered can contribute advice or information that may help in reaching a decision on any particular matter. Any person so co-opted shall not be entitled to vote.


The committee may convene an E.G.M. whenever they consider it necessary. An E.G.M. may also be convened if a requisition is submitted in writing to the secretary signed by at least ten paid up members of the club clearly stating the object of such a meeting. The business of any E.G.M. shall be confined to the matter indicated in the requisition, or as outlined by the committee. The meeting shall be held within one month of the requisition being made, or notice being given by the committee. All Members of the club shall be given at least fourteen days notice of such meeting. All other procedures at an E.G.M. shall be the same as those at the A.G.M.


The Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of October, a date will be notified in writing to all members at least two calendar months before the meeting. The business of the meeting will include:

  • The Chairman's Annual Report
  • The Secretary's Annual Report
  • The Treasurer's Report
  • Adoption of the club's accounts duly audited.
  • Election of Officers and other members of the committee.

Such other business submitted for discussion

Items submitted for discussion at the A.G.M. must be received in writing by the secretary at least one month prior to the meeting. All such proposals must have a seconder. There will be no voting on items raised under A.O.B. No business may be transacted and no resolution proposed or passed at any A.G.M. except such as specified in these rules or in accordance with the notice convening the meeting. However this rule shall not operate to prevent the moving of any amendment which the chairman may in his/her discretion deems to be reasonable and proper and within the scope of the question raised by any resolution duly proposed in accordance with these rules. The foregoing shall not prevent the discussion at the discretion of the chairman of any other matter of which he/she has received adequate notice.


If for what ever reason dissolution of the club takes place and there remains after the satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, any monies or property whatsoever, the same shall not be given for distribution amongst the members but shall be given or transferred to some charity, company, institute or society determined by the members at a closing General Meeting at which dissolution is passed.