Prediction Race

Prediction Race 30th December 2015

Despite the bad weather 16 Horwich juniors braved the elements to run a 2k course just below the Pigeon Tower.

Runners had to predict what time they would record with the nearest winning a prize. Lewis Wilkes won the race in a brilliant time of 8.14 and was second in the predictions with Theo Middleton guessing to within 4 seconds taking the prize for nearest. U/11 star Cian Healy was second finisher in 8.38 after a typical gutsy run and was third in the predictions.

In the girls race Ella Pendlebury ran well to finish first girl holding off a fast finishing Niamh Speakman with U/11 Grace Pendlebury finishing third after a good race.

1 Lewis Wilkes 8.14
2 Cian Healy 8.38
3 Tom Masssey 8.47
4 Toby Middleton 9.10
5 Robert Seddon 9.38
6 Ella Pendlebury 9.45
7 Niamh Speakman 10.22
8 Finlay Hayes 10.24
9 Calum Moseley 11.30
10 Josh Houghton 11.52
11 Grace Pendlebury 12.00
12 Theo Middleton 12.04
13 Sam Speakman 12.07
14 Harry ? 12.15
15 Ellie Green 13.20
16 Lydia Johnson 14.00

The senior race of 4 miles had only 3 runners with runners running up to Rivingon Pike and back but predictions were remarkably accurate with Paul Lewis winning the race in 38.00 and predicting his time to the second. Mark Seddon was second in 38.30 with his prediction being 90 seconds out with O/65 Derek Kay finishing in 42.01 and only 4 seconds outside his predicted time.